Jan was two years old when her 19-year old mother was diagnosed with TB in 1937. Her mother had just given birth  to a baby sister.  Jan stepped up to mother her younger sister and to be a companion for her father.  Her mother stayed at the Firland TB Sanatorium for two years.

In Jan's words...

My dad would bring my mom food at the sanatorium and I think that helped her keep more satisfied. I think she felt she would be able to get better and get out of the TB sanatorium because she had to watch some of the other patients reeling, spiraling down instead of up.

If you are supporting someone with TB, make sure that you don’t give up. Give them all of the support that you can muster. To be supportive with this particular person or family, you need to read up, go to the library, get as much information as you can.
After Firland, my mom did very well. She always took very good care of her health. She did everything the doctor told her to do. She was generally in very good health and actually never had much problem during all those years, though her marriage was difficult for her. There was a lot of strain on my mom and dad. Being 19 when she was diagnosed; 21 years old when she came home to a little baby and one getting ready for school; and my father being ill himself with TB. So that was difficult.

Jan, Snohomish County