Before Joan was even born, her grandmother died from TB, and the impact of Grandmother Nora’s passing was felt for generations.  Joan always thought her Grandfather George was a stern man, and she never saw a connection between his wife's struggles with TB and his short-tempered ways.  Encouraged by the TB Voices Project, Joan delved into the events that shaped his outlook on life after his wife died and the perspectives of their children.  She also began the healing process of past generations.

In Joan's words...

The TB Voices Project has been a bittersweet experience. I learned more about my grandmother and have great respect for what she went through. As part of this process, I saw my grandfather in a new light. Before, I didn’t really appreciate his struggle to raise four small children on his own. Knowing some of the facts has allowed me to adjust my attitude toward him—-which had been pretty negative. This has been an opportunity to delve into my family’s past and actually heal some hurts.
My Aunt Esther talked about going to visit her mother in the Salem Oregon Sanatorium. The staff wanted patients to do nothing. But Nora, she knew the kids were coming, was all excited, up a lot, and my Aunt Esther remembers her mother running down this long hall to grab her up in a tight hug. At this point, there was no hope for her treatment and from there she was released to go home to die.

Joan, Snohomish County