First as a young woman, and then as a mother in her 30s, Marjorie experienced a total of 16 months in TB sanatoriums in New Jersey and Washington state.  In 1952, she was diagnosed with TB a second time and sent to Firland TB Sanatorium.  Her son was nearly two at the time. She feared that a recurrence of TB would be a death sentence for her.  However,  access to new antibiotics meant she could get cured, not die a young mother.

In Marjorie's words...

At the TB Sanatorium in New Jersey, they moved me when I could be up and around some to these “chalets” and I had a roommate there. It was all open, just screens around it, and then we had another little room where we could get dressed, which was kind of nice, since it was cold; and the snow came in on our beds.

I tried to look on the bright side. I think I’ve been fortunate that I have a personality that makes that easy for me. Some people it wouldn’t be. But, I’ve always been able to see kind of the bright side of things. I think that helps in one’s healing.
I was fortunate the second time I had TB because I went to Firland TB Sanatorium when there were many big changes in the treatment of TB. They were using antibiotics and I was put on streptomycin. They had refined their surgeries and they took a rib out of my chest to collapse the lung more. It was not disfiguring like the terrible surgeries that they used to do. And so, with those 2 things, I was able to able to return home, so that my 18 month old son was not threatened by TB.

Marjorie, Snohomish County