Mary was 18 years old and starting her first year at the University of Washington in 1943 when her father died of TB.  He’d been misdiagnosed, which delayed any productive treatment and caused conflict within the family.  Her stepmother was an "angel" who cared for and supported Mary after his passing.  Now 88, Mary encourages others to recognize the symptoms of TB and never wait to get medical attention.  

In Mary's words...

Get it checked out. Don’t wait. Recognize TB symptoms. Get information. TB is not gone. You can’t expect doctor to come to you.

Try to get information from qualified people that can help you to know about TB. People should be aware what is going on and that TB has not gone away, it is still here.
The picture above is entitled “Dedication.” It shows my stepmother sorting mail. After my father passed away from TB when I was 18 in 1943, it was the policy of the U.S. Postal Service to offer the spouse a position in the post office.

I appreciate so much all that my stepmother did to support, comfort and be there for my father and assure that he would receive the very best of care that was available at the time. I had a wonderful mother who I sadly lost as a 7 year old child. God blessed my brother and I with this loyal, responsible stepmother. We became very close as time went by.

Mary, Snohomish County