Palmer spent a total of four years in Washington state TB sanatoriums when he had TB of the kidney and bladder.  From 15-18 years of age he lived at the Riverton Sanatorium in Burien, away from his family in southwest Washington.  He credits friends he met at Riverton and the compassionate staff with helping him cope with the experience.  Three years after his discharge and newly married, Palmer had a reoccurrence of TB.  He was sent to the Edgecliff Sanatorium in Spokane for three months.  New TB drugs allowed him a speedy recovery.

In Palmer's words...

It was a hard time when I had my kidney removed when I was 15, because I had known my dad had died of TB and I didn’t know what my prognosis was.

My wife was really worried when I got sick the second time, but it didn’t take long for them to determine that with the new drugs that they had at that time, it took care of it right away.

Palmer, Snohomish County