TB Voices Project Summer Tour

Summer is not exclusively about taking time off.  Well, some down time is beneficial to all! 

For TB Photovoice,  summer is about sharing and amplifying the stories participants in the TB Voices Project have so courageously brought forward.  Their personal TB experiences are here to learn from; to create empathy and understanding.  We want to change the mindset that has lingered for far too long in the U.S. and beyond; that of the worldly culture of stigma and misinformation.

We have been invited to travel to Atlanta June 10-13, for the National TB Controller Association Annual Conference.  I will have the opportunity to address the delegation and display our TB Voices Project traveling exhibition, consisting of 5-6' banners showcasing the stories and pictures of our participants.  I will also be a guest at a breakout session that will discuss the importance of documenting TB stories and how to encourage positive participation.  Our TB Voices Project video will be playing onsite throughout the conference.

Then, it is off to Washington, D.C.!  I will be conducting a workshop at the International RESULTS Conference for global and domestic poverty activists.  I will use the TB Voices Project to illustrate how to inspire and instill authentic trust so that people feel compelled to safely share their personal stories to bring about awareness and change to their communities.

You can join us by cheering us on through our Facebook page. Or,  keep us on the road sharing stories and stomping out the TB stigma by donating online at our GlobalGiving Donation site.

Come along with us any way you can, and help us support those impacted by TB!