15 Days Until World TB Day

We are springing ahead just like day light savings time!  We have been on a media frenzy these last couple of weeks getting the word out about TB Voices Project with press releases, radio commentaries, persistently following up with busy reporters, and just plain ol' word of mouth! 

What I absolutely love is how we are collaborating with the local health departments to explore the best way to share these stories with people who have recently been diagnosed with TB.   Great ideas are being generated and we intend to provide these stories as a way to inspire and give others hope.  Our TB Voices participant who is an immigrant from Africa had many pieces of wise advice to share, such as:

"Take your medication every day.  If you don’t,  it could become resistant.  So take your medication every day.  Eat a nice meal for breakfast before you take the medication.  Have someone else there.  The day that you don’t feel like taking that medication, that person will make sure they remind you that the TB could become resistant so you have to take it."