16 Days Until World TB Day

Still counting down to World TB Day over the weekend! 

I have often been overcome by the honor and privilege to listen to the stories of our participants who boldly came forward to tell of their TB experience.  I am also aware of the great responsibility I have to ensure that their stories are provided to you with authenticity and integrity.   This all begins with trust. 

I remember sitting down with Fatxi for our interviews, after multiple emails,  and face to face conversations.  Her story spilled out of her like a rushing stream, filled with such urgency and pure sincerity for humanity.  I was in tears as we went through the interview together, touched by her deep rooted desire for others to  "treat people as they would like to be treated."

Yet, at one point in the interview, Fatxi said,

"I’m really so glad that I had this interview and I’m so glad that I had this opportunity to speak up. This is always in my mind, but I wasn’t quite sure where to start or where to go, but now I've had opportunity to  speak up and say what is in my mind. I’m so relieved.  I am really so relieved and I am so glad.  I thank you for that;  letting me do this. It is my honor."

It is my honor too.